Her Story

Dear everyone,

Here is the link to the Riverfront Times article about Kendra Holliday, a.k.a. The Beautiful Kind, who shared with us last week her shocking story: http://www.riverfronttimes.com/2010-10-06/news/nsfw-st-louis-sex-blogger-kendra-holliday-outs-herself-as-the-beautiful-kind/.  I also recommend you scroll through her re-vamped, “Midwest” version of the article, found here: http://thebeautifulkind.com/columns/tbk-saga/riverfront-times-article-midwest-edition.

If you search through the RFT, you can find some other articles on the topic, and they aren’t all nice.  She’s now in danger of losing her daughter, and could use a lot of support.

You can support Kendra talking to anyone you hear speaking badly of her around campus or elsewhere, or by posting comments on the Riverfront Times website or on Kendra’s personal website.  Feel free to keep up with her blog, http://thebeautifulkind.com/.  The Wash U ALA officially supports her.


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