Kink Fair – Cancelled; Sex Week!

Dear Everyone,

Sadly, Kink Fair didn’t come together this year, in part because none of the vendors were able to make it, and in part because studying for midterms took up too much of what would otherwise be planning time.  This is usually a really fantastic event, and I hope everyone is able to help and look forward to next year’s Kink Fair, which will be held, as usual, on the Saturday following Thanksgiving break (so 9 days after Turkey Day).

In the meantime, the ALA officers have been working hard behind the scenes to plan Sexual Awareness Week, a.k.a. Sex Week, which will be held next semester, February 7 – 11.  I don’t want to give out details of our plans before they are set, but you’re welcome to ask me or Zeke in person for more information!  I guarantee the whole week is going to be Sextabulous (!) and with any luck the ALA will be a shining star.  Please let me know if you want to get involved next semester — we’ll need lots of help!

If you are interested, there is a Sex Week planning meeting tomorrow night (12/1/10) at 6pm in Ursa’s Fireside.


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