Fetish Party?

Hi all–

I’d like to get a sense of people’s feelings about a Fetish Party/Speed Dating Fundraising event next semester.  I’m brainstorming while I type, but I’m getting an image of something like Vertigo (except almost definitely on a smaller scale, though I hope not!), open to the whole school, no dress requirements, but fetishwear costumes encouraged.  We could make Speed Dating a part of that if you like (some people expressed great interest in this possibility), and with good advertisement and a reasonable entrance fee, it could potentially be very successful all around!  I want to see lots of comments!  If you are not from Wash U, any helpful hints about kink party etiquette, or even just how to throw a party for college kids would be very much appreciated!

Also, just to get your thoughts started, check out the Wikipedia page for the original Handkerchief Code:

Also, a special thanks to those who contributed to next semester’s plans; everyone else will learn about them after break!  There will be no more ALA meetings until late January, so I hope everyone has a lovely winter holiday!

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