New Webmaster: Sex Week Update!

Hello everyone! Our vice-president was looking to delegate this website to some poor schlub someone else because she’s busy, and I happen to like rambling on the internets. So, allow me to introduce myself: I’m a freshman member of the ALA, and a lifelong kinkster. By that, I mean I have been since I figured out it wasn’t normal to like seeing people tied up, etc. I have a phobia of my own name in type, so call me Linny!

The big topic of the moment is Sex Week, of course, which is February 7-12. As of last night, the budget’s been approved so the things mentioned in the previous post are underway! The five classes Lee’ll be doing are:

Monday: Kink 101: An Introduction to Creative Sexual Exploration and Play
Tuesday: Workshop: 31 Flavors of Erotic Rope
Wednesday: What Labels Give Us, What Labels Take Away: The Power of Gender and Sexual Identity Labels
Thursday: Open Hearts, Open Minds: Exploring “Alternative” Relationship Structures
Friday: Laughing Our Way to Intimacy: Humor and Sex (this one’s going to be a hit, haha!)

I don’t know the times on these off the top of my head, so I’ll update with that when Diana tells me (she’ll be impressed I remembered the classes)! You can read more on the website linked in the previous post!

Additionally, we of the ALA will be doing our thing at the Activities Fair next Monday, January 31. Drop by and say hello! I’ll be doing my drag king thing. (Hey, that rhymes.) We kind of stand out, so you’ll find us!

Finally, to reiterate, we haven’t got everything planned out for the semester just yet. If you have any ideas (or just things you’d like to see) for discussions, workshops, speakers, etc., then comment on this blog or shoot me/Diana/Zeke an email! Or find us in person, I suppose. We’re a friendly group open to anyone, and more importantly, we intend to be an on-campus resource for safe advice about the kinkier side of life. Don’t feel like you have to be some kind of fetish fiend to join us!

I’ll be updating with meeting topics as soon as I know them myself. In case you’re new or just forgot, our meetings are at 7pm on Sundays, in DUC 232 (right by the Fun Room). We’re NOT meeting next Sunday on account of activities fair, but after that, regular meetings will begin anew and I will be keeping the content of those posted here, as well as any interesting related material I find in my internet rovings.

You stay classy, WashU!


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