Meeting 2/13/11

Hello all! I hope you’re enjoying Sex Week! Lee is such a fantastically nice person, and a wonderful lecturer. If you haven’t come to any of the events yet, be sure to show up at Friday’s Humor and Sex lecture from 5-6pm in LabSci 300!

Our regular meeting will take place next week, as it always does, in DUC 232 on Sunday from 7-9pm. We’re on for bringing in the writers from X-Magazine next week, which if you haven’t found out yet is the school’s sex magazine. It’s a wonderful publication that goes out every semester (I believe). They’re going to run a workshop on writing erotica, so if you want to learn how to write sexy (and perhaps kinky) things, drop by and hear what they have to say!

If you’re a new reader of this humble little blog, be sure to drop by and meet the members of the ALA! We certainly don’t bite (unless asked), and we’re always looking for new members and willing to help anyone who might want a word of our expertise!

Peace out!


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