Meeting 3/6

Woah there guys, sorry I haven’t updated in a while. I haven’t been getting the information very far in advance until, well, just now.

We didn’t have a meeting last week due to business on the part of our officers, and before that was a simple video meeting where we watched Annie Sprinkle’s Amazing World of Orgasm (it was enlightening! or, well, that’s the best word I have for it.)

So, sorry to leave you all unaware, but the information hasn’t been reaching me before Saturday as of late and clearly I need more than a day to write an effective post. Whoops! As an apology, I’m going to include you on the planning of our next meeting! We’re going to be watching another video, though which one is entirely up in the air and will be until, say, the meeting (same bat-time, same bat-place as always!). These are the choices we have:

Expert Guide to Anal Sex
Expert Guide to Oral Sex (This is a two part-er: one for Cunnilingus, one for Fellatio.)
Expert Guide to Sensual Bondage
120 Days of Sodom
Graphic Sexual Horror

So, what say you, readers? What sounds most interesting to you? Leave comments if you’d like to cast a vote, or just e-mail Zeke (since people who are on the mailing list should get that list from him; if you’re not on the mailing list and are a student who attends our meetings, just say so)!

Once again, sorry for leaving you all in the dark for nearly three weeks. I’ll try not to let that happen in the future! Peace out, my friends!


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