New Year, New Leadership

Hi everyone, and welcome back to school! There are a few things to note as we start a new fall semester.

1. Diana and Zeke have switched leadership roles this year, as now correctly reflected on the “About Us” page here. To say this explicitly, Diana is now president, and Zeke treasurer. This should not change much for the club, since we will continue to work as co-leaders. What is more significant is that, this year, we want YOU to be more involved. This leads to the next point.

2. While meetings will continue weekly, we have decided to split the weeks into alternating workshops and general body meetings. All are welcome to the general body meetings, but focus will be expected. These are not meant to be social gatherings – this is our only chance for two weeks to take care of business with your input, and since this is YOUR club, we want to make the most out of that. The workshops, in contrast, will be your opportunities to meet new people, see new things, and even try them for yourself. These are the primary products of the general body meetings. Some workshops have already been scheduled this year, but several weeks were left open so we could bring in guests who can lead a workshop catering to any other interests you may have. If there is something you want us to include, be sure to come to the general body meetings before too late in the semester, or else email us at

3. Finally, please check the “This Week!” page for information about Activities Fair and our first meeting. We hope to see you there!


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