Moving Forward

Congratulations, everyone!  Our first-ever focus meeting was a success!  For details about the meeting, feel free to send a message or talk to any of us individually.  Some of the outcomes of the meeting are this (informal) mission statement:

To promote positive attitudes toward sex and sexuality, and lifestyle choices either directly or indirectly related to sex and sexuality

and a resolution to establish a support-group-style meeting once a month, where people can come for a safe place to talk about issues or even just ideas they don’t feel comfortable discussing with non-ALA people.  Zeke has enthusiastically volunteered to front this endeavor, and he will send out an email shortly to assess interest.

The rope bondage workshop was also great, but attendance was lower than we expected.  I understand that homework is finally starting to pick up and all that, but if there are other specific reasons why you cannot attend if you would like to, please send an email to our mailing list (reply to one of our messages – be careful not to ‘reply all’).  All such messages are strictly confidential.

This Sunday Zeke will lead a planning meeting/general body meeting/open discussion regarding a few matters of business and anything else anyone would like to bring up.

The following week, Sunday September 25, we will have in another guest presenter to lead a fun workshop on BDSM 101.  This differs significantly from the rope bondage workshop because it encompasses a far wider scope, and better yet, our guest instructor is well-versed in the legal and safety aspects of BDSM, so if you have any interest whatsoever in bondage, discipline, dominance/submission, or sadism/masochism (or even just want to learn what some of these things are), this in not a workshop to miss!

We look forward to seeing you then.  Thanks again, everyone!


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