Rope Bite Munch!

Hi everyone — you should really check this out:

(copied with permission  – FetLife account required to RSVP, but if you don’t have one, shoot an email in response to one of the weekly emails, and we’ll send you the info so you can come, too!)

Join us for the very first Rope Bite Saint Louis!

Do you love rope bondage? Just curious? Want to eat tasty food and talk with others who share your interests?

Join us for the very first Rope Bite St. Louis at Shameless Grounds! This is a pansexual social event centered around rope-based bondage, open to anyone over the age of 18. Rope Bite St. Louisis dedicated to promoting interest in and sharing knowledge about all aspects of rope bondage.

Rope Bite Saint Louis is a free munch. There is no cost to attend, but you are invited to avail yourself of the tasty menu of food and beverages at Shameless Grounds.

More than just another munch, Rope Bite Saint Louis is a workshop and discussion event too!

This month, the topic will be “Why rope?”. T0ne will also demo and teach the Somerville Bowline to those that are interested.

See the Event Page to RSVP!


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