ALA Presents Multiple Kink Workshops on Wednesday, February 8:

Leather History and Protocol (Interactive Discussion)
Time: 10AM-11AM and 11:30-12:30
Where did all the symbolism behind leather vests, caps and boots come from? How have they become part of a culture with military-strict protocol? Come find out the history, purpose, and modern practice of leather culture from a St. Louis local.

Shibari Rope Bondage Basics (Demo and Workshop)
Time: 1pm-2:30pm and 2:30pm-4pm
Learn how to restrain yourself or a partner with simple, safe, and secure tires from a local rope bondage guru. The first fifteen attendees can keep the rope.

Power Exchange and Play (Interactive Discussion)
Time: 2:30pm-3:30pm and 4-5pm
For those new to BDSM and power exchange, how can we transfer authority to or from someone else to enhance an enjoyable experience.

Exploring Your Sexuality
Come talk with local experts and a Chicago-based professional dominatrix about how to improve your body image and explore your sexuality in a safe and fun way.


*We will try to post locations as soon as possible! We hope to see a lot of you there!


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