Coming up! (March 24 – April 28, 2014)

The next two weeks are pretty big for us, so be prepared! Next Monday, March 24, from 7:30 to 9 PM, we’re having a workshop on Informal and Formal Negotiation, taught by a local kink community member. We don’t have a location for you yet, but we expect to get one very soon, so keep an eye out here. It’s in DUC 236.

The week after next is Sexual Awareness Week here at Wash U, and having won our Treasury appeal we’re very happy to announce two events that we are really looking forward to. Lee Harrington, a noted educator and kink/bondage expert, will be returning to Wash U to teach two workshops. (Side note: his introduction on his own website, found here, is really awesome, and I don’t want to put words in his mouth, so I’d suggest reading it! I can’t wait to meet him.) Workshop #1 will be ’31 Flavors of Erotic Rope,’ held on Monday 3/31 from 7 to 9 PM in Seigle 304:

“Think that kinky play is too complicated?  With a single piece of rope (provided for you, and you get to take it home), learn from Lee Harrington, the author of “Shibari You Can Use: Japanese Rope Bondage and Erotic Macramé” a whole bundle of fun, sensual and kinky things to do with just one rope.  From leashes to improvised whips, erotic restraint to playing dress up, gags to blindfolds, rope has so many more possibilities to be used in an erotic scenario. Come learn some new tricks, or learn your first tie!”

Our rope workshops in the past have been popular, and the GSRM/LGBTQIAP-welcome spin that Lee Harrington brings promises to be fantastic. Come see us at this beginner/intermediate-oriented rope event, and learn something new!

Note that the second workshop carries a content warning for discussion of self-harm.

Workshop #2 will be on Tuesday, 4/1 from 7 to 9 PM in Seigle L003. It’ll be ‘Cutting and Kink: Examining Self-Injurious Behavior, Erotic Play & Body Modification’:

“Individuals self-injure and cut for many reasons: abuse, depression, attention seeking, pain management, rage, anxiety, and more. For kink sexuality, BDSM and body modification community explorers, there are possible alternative outlets for these needs, or physically and energetically safer ways to engage in these behaviors. For these individuals, the same scars born of shame and disgust become marks of honor and survival, or take on other different meanings. In this class we will be presenting findings from interviews conducted within the BDSM and body modification communities among those who have previously been or continue to be cutters (or others using cutting or skin-breaking self-injury behavior as a tool not related to erotic or artistic partnered activities). We will examine those who have transformed their need for self-mutilation into other forms of expression, or have maintained both sets of behaviors, looking at whether healthy cutting can ever take place in individual’s lives.”

We’re really looking forward to this discussion of the intersection of kink and mental health, and we hope to see you there! (This will be a more intimate event, held in the basement of Seigle; if cutting has touched your life, or if this is otherwise a sensitive topic, please know that you will be in a safe and discreet space. If you feel okay doing so, contact us at and let us know how we can make you feel comfortable.)


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