This Week!

Sexual Responsibility Week!!

That’s right – it’s upon us!  See the new post and the Facebook events (linked on the home page) for more details!

Trans* Awareness Week!

Instead of a workshop this week, we’re going to support Pride Alliance’s event Trans* Awareness Week.  We will be going to the Transgender Safe Space Training on Thursday at 6 PM in Umrath 140, but please go to whatever events work in your schedule!  See the Facebook page for full details of each of the events!

Impact Play Workshop

This week we are hosting a local firefighter to teach an Impact Play workshop next Thursday, November 1, 5-7 PM in Eads 209.  This will be a demonstration and workshop in the varying techniques of showing affection through either cathartic or more sadistic impact, including spanking, flogging, whipping, paddling, and more, and how to perform them on another safely.  Our guest, Bo, is very familiar with many topics in BDSM, including Dominant/submissive relationships, as he is himself married to his submissive, so he will be able to answer many questions even beyond the scope of the class.  His bio appears below.  We hope to see you there!

Tommy “Bo” Clyne:

I started in the lifestyle in 1989 in Phoenix AZ,  I became a slave without knowing what a slave was,  I was 18 and just having a fun time I thought,  little did I know the path that I was starting down or where I would end up.  That path has taken many turns to get me where I am today, and I can say I never thought that this is where I would end up,  The Proud Master of Bos_Angel, we have been together now for 1 years and I am very proud of her and the growth she has shown me over the last year.  I consider myself a jack of all trades when it comes to the lifestyle, over the last 20 years I have learned a lot and tried even more.  I have narrowed my field of play to the edgier side of play.  I enjoy throwing fire, Fire batons, and Fire Floggers.  I also enjoy breath and blade play.  I have been teaching and presenting on my favorite topics now for about 4 years at places like NOBLE in New Orleans (3 Years running), Winter Wickedness in Columbus OH, APEX in Phoenix AZ, STL3 In St. Louis MO, Rolla MO Kinksters, SMS in Springfield MO. I am a current member of NCSF and a proud member of The Imperial Court of Many Rivers, which is a Charitable fund raising group for the LGBT community of which I serve as a Duke.  I have previously served on the Board for STL3 as the Parliamentarian and am Head of Event Security for 3 years. I have also been the top seller for the Program Book for our events for the last 3 years.  I opened and ran a very successful Lifestyle Clul, from the construction of the club and putting together financing for it, right through the membership drive and daily operations.   I have the experience and background to teach and advise.

Respectfully in Leather


Wax Play Workshop

Do you enjoy romantic dinners by candlelight?  Have you ever wondered what else you can do with candles?  Come to this week’s Wax Play workshop to find out!  We will cover important safety information as well as various techniques and the needed supplies.  Come to Siegle L003 this Thursday, October 11, 5-7 PM.  See you then!

Follow-up Rope Bondage Workshop

Have you ever wanted to tie your partner up?  Do you enjoy the feel of rope on your own body or the confining pressure from the binding?  Come join us in a follow-up rope bondage workshop in which you can learn a lot of the basics yourself!  Tone joins us again with plenty of rope to share so that everyone may try.  Bring a partner or come alone to the second floor of the DUC (room TBA) this Thursday, 9/13, 5-7 PM.

Additionally, there will be a caravan leaving from the DUC following the workshop to attend TABOO, the only 18+ BDSM even in the St. Louis area.  If you have questions, please bring them to the meeting or email

First Meeting of the Semester!

Because it is often so popular, we are starting the semester off with ROPE BONDAGE!  Please join us in welcoming T0ne, a local and nationally renowned expert in Shibari, a particular form of rope bondage, who will demonstrate some of the wonderful, sensual, and beautiful things that can be done to other people with rope.  The meeting will be in DUC 241 this Thursday, 9/6, 5-7 PM.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Last Meeting, @ Shameless Grounds

Sunday, April 22 6-7 PM

Hey everyone, let’s round off the semester by actually going off-campus to one of our favorite locations, the wonderfully sex-positive, kink-friendly coffee shop, Shameless Grounds.  Rides will be provided – meet at the south entrance of the DUC at 5:45 (we’ll probably leave around 6).  That said, anyone with their own vehicle is welcome to drive – please leave a comment or send an email if you would like to come and whether or not you can provide rides, and how many.  Shameless Grounds is also hosting an event called Kinky Bingo from 7-9 PM, so if you would like to stay for that, or just hang out longer, we will make sure someone can drive you home.

ALA would like to have more off-campus events like this, so we hope you will come out and provide feedback.  Plus, this is a great way to start exploring beyond the Wash U bubble and really get out and meet new people in the lifestyle or who are simply lifestyle-friendly.  Double plus, Shameless has great food that is NOT campus food.  And sometimes, that’s worth a scary expedition with a group of awesome people. 🙂

We hope to see you there.

Burlesque Workshop!

This Saturday, April 14, 4-6 PM in DUC 234!

Title: Sensual Striptease
Level: n/a
Format: Participation/Hands-on

National Burlesque performer kitten (AKA Bitsy Bittersweet) will show you how to bring sass and class to the art of striptease using classic burlesque moves and techniques (for both men and women). Learn the basics of removing clothing with style and grace, with emphasis on body positions and packing the most “oomph” into your reveal. If time allows, we will also work on a basic choreography routine to jumpstart your own ideas. Wear clothing you can easily move in; however, feel free to bring anything with which you would like to work. Heels, gloves, boas, stockings (ties are great!) are encouraged.

This is a MANDATORY PARTICIPATION class (there will not be full nudity required for any participant), no one will be allowed to simply sit and watch. The class covers a very vulnerable and sensitive topic, so, for the comfort of everyone involved, everyone is required to participate. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Workshop: BDSM & The Law

co-sponsored with OUTLaw

Join us this Saturday, April 7 at NOON in DUC 234 for the most important ALA meeting of the year!

Workshop description:

Hey ! Is this stuff legal or not ? Can I tie my submissive boyfriend up and spank him ? That’s all I want to know. Plus this should all be pretty simple. Shouldn’t it ?

Consent. Well yeah, duh !
Traveling with Toys. Of course. How else can I get them to the party ?
In loco parentis. If you had my parents, you might be loco too.
Slavery. Total Power Exchange, right ? Not the Civil War kind ?
Domestic Violence laws. Yeah, but that is different. Isn’t it ?

Jovanovic, Karras, Vann, Slater, and Lawrence, sound like a pretty good linemen for somebody’s football team. Come find out which of them was, what the rest of them have to do with your BDSM, and get a chance to ask questions you may have.

Presenter Bio:

Our presenter for BDSM and The Law is Larry. He is a former assistant prosecuting attorney and has practiced law for many years. Larry has been active in the BDSM community for over 15 years and is a founding member of STL3, Inc where he was a group officer and Event Chair.

He has presented for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, at Leather Leadership Conference, and at many other events. In 2003 he was a judge at International Mister Leather. He is a regular contributor to the Fetlife group BDSM & The Law and the legal columnist for the e-zine Madison Kink.

He is a single het male dominant who loves the far corners of a submissive’s mind where the dark thoughts hide.

Discussion: The Non-Sexual Side of BDSM

This Sunday, March 25, from 7-9 PM in DUC 239, we will discuss the non-sexual side of BDSM.  ‘What do you mean?’ you might ask.  ‘Isn’t BDSM all about sex?’  Bring your questions and an open mind to learn about and discuss why some people explore this realm of power and oftentimes pain.; of flesh, breath, and yes, oftentimes sex.  The primary resource for this discussion will be Lee Harrington‘s book, Sacred Kink.  Prior reading of the book is neither required nor expected.

Hands-on Workshop: TOYS!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

What do I mean by toys?  Floggers, whips, chains, rope, implements of evil and torture and love pleasure!  What do I mean by hands-on workshop?  We will be hosting a local kinkster, who has kindly agreed to bring in a big toy bag fill of stuff for us to touch, play with, and ask questions about.  Everything will be clean and safe, and the atmosphere will be one of inquiry, education, and enlightenment (we hope), by which I mean, no one will be forced to have anything done to them, although demonstrations may be possible.
Working with the schedule of our guest, we will be meeting an hour later than our usual time, so come to DUC 239, 8-10 PM tomorrow (or as long as you can), and bring your questions, bring your friends, bring any toys you care to admit you have, or just bring yourself!  It should be a lot of fun. 🙂
In addition, here is an off-campus event next week:

Rope Bite Munch

Sorry, this event is next week! Sunday, March 11, 1-3 PM at Shameless Grounds coffee shop is the Rope Bight Munch.  It should be both fun and informative.  It’s a casual workshop on bondage and other kink things.  I plan to go if I can, and if there are other ALA members who would like to join me and go as a group, we can arrange a carpool – shoot me a reply email if you would like to be included in this group. 🙂 

Alternative Relationships Discussion

Sunday, Feb. 26, 2012

This Sunday the Alternative Lifestyle Association (ALA) will host a round-table discussion in DUC 239, 7-9PM about alternative relationship structures, from polyamory and open relationships to non-egalitarian, D/s-style relationships.  Why do some people choose these kinds of relationship structures?  Why are they better for some and not for others?  What kinds of things would one need to know before thinking about trying a different relationship style?  What resources are available where?  Come to the workshop and have your questions answered, hear tales from experience, and get pointed toward more information.  We look forward to seeing you there!

ALA Meet-n-Greet / Super Bowl party!

Sunday, Feb. 5, 2012, 5-7 PM, DUC 234

To kick of Sex Week and the rest of the Spring 2012 semester, join ALA for a meet-n-greet/Super Bowl party in the DUC.  Come by to meet fellow classmates curious about kink and sexuality in an environment that has nothing to do with it – a Super Bowl party!  Eat free food and play games with the Alternative Lifestyle Association (ALA) while we half-watch the end of what some people consider to be the holiest event of the American year (whether the half you watch is the commercials or the game…or neither or both, is up to you).  While you’re here, pick up information about ALA’s Sex Week presentations, and feel free to ask any questions you may have about the club, about the information we cover, or about anything else!  (Answers not guaranteed for questions outside ALA expertise.) All Wash U students welcome.


As recently posted on the front page, these are the classes, all open to the full Wash U community, hosted by Midori and the Alternative Lifestyle Association along with other collaborating groups during this year’s Sex Week, Feb. 6-11:

Aural Sex: The Courtesan’s secrets of erotic voice and stories
Tuesday, Feb. 7, 5-7 PM, DUC 234
Collaboration with the Student Forum on Sexuality, Pride Alliance, SHAC

The Geishas and Courtesans were masters of the art of seduction. Their most potent skill was the use of the erotic voice and sensual story telling. Learn how to use the hypnotic magic of the voice to seduce and arouse your lover long before you enter the bedroom. Incorporating seductive voice techniques learned in this class to heat up the bedroom and add spice to your erotic life. Mesmerize your lover and transport both of you to an erotic landscape. Learn how to build and enrich a powerful fantasy, practice effective voice techniques and spellbinding. You’ll learn techniques of finding out yours and your lovers fantasy, practice story telling skills and improve them with Midori’s gentle guidance. Spicy demos, practical exercises, tips. Delightful class for couples and singles.

The Best Kink Advice Nobody Told You
Tuesday, Feb. 7, 8-10 PM, DUC 233
Collaboration with SHAC, Student Forum on Sexuality

Ever feel boxed in by the definition and expectations of kinky sex? Do you want more fulfilling play? Would you like a more effective way to find out what the other person really wants and minimize scene failure? Want to better answer the question of “what are you into?” and have better play times? Find yourself dissatisfied with scenes or frustrated at not having your desire accepted? Want to figure out how to create a multi person scene where everyone is happy? You’re not alone! Ever notice the expectation that sadist must be a dominant and a submissive must be a masochist? Or vice a versa… Is this right?

Wrong! Join Midori in this hugely popular and unique class where she explodes the standard definitions of kink roles and expands the idea of what kink is all about. In “Best Kink Advice,” she maps out a fine-tuned and flexible framework that anyone can use to help better describe their adventurous appetites. The first step to fulfilling your desire is to better understand them and effectively and appealingly sharing that with others. This is a class for those who want better play, or those don’t quite fit into the standard boxes… and for anyone who’s curious about their own possibly untapped potential!

Pink Japan: Contemporary Sex Culture
Wednesday, Feb. 8, 5-7 PM, Mallinckrodt 302
Collaboration with SHAC, Pride Alliance, Student Forum on Sexuality

From cuisine, music, fashion, technology to anime, Japan’s cultural influences on the West is immense. In many ways the Japanese erotic cultures are also influencing today’s Western tastes. Yet the daily realities of Japan’s gender relations, sexual habits, sexual consumer culture and gay/lesbian/transgendered world remain hidden to us, creating an aura of mystique. In this funny and insightful talk, join Midori for a double-expatriate’s photo tour of Japan’s hidden sexual culture today. Midori is a Kyoto born, Japanese-American author and sex educator based in San Francisco. Raised by trail blazing feminist professors in Japan, she’s well versed with the contradiction that is 21st Century Japan. Graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in psychology and trained as a sex educator, she possesses a keen insight into culture and sexuality.

Finding Our Fierce: Feminine Power for Everyday Success
Thursday, Feb. 9, 5-7 PM, DUC 234
Collaboration with SHAC, Pride Alliance, Student Forum on Sexuality

Do you want to stand tall, confident and self assured in the world? Would you like be at ease in life, with grace and authenticity? Do you hunger for confidence in the classroom, the office, with friends and family, or in your sex life? Each of us harbor the potential of infinite powers within to achieve joy and success in everyday life. But the conventional tools given to us often leave us frustrated and drained.

In this workshop we’ll tap into another power source, the unique feminine within each of us. We will find our authentic feminine power within through discussions and a unique archetype exercise developed by Midori. We will explore each of our power potential and vulnerabilities. We will seek out what truly thrills us. We will, quite literally, learn how to hold our head up high for who we truly are.

An exploration for people of any gender with the fierce feminine potential within…

For more information about Midori, visit her bio here!


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  1. just a suggestion, you should put the dates for the week you are referring to when you say “This Week!” It is very general and vague, and can result in confusion if the website is not updated punctually!

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I try to put the dates up, but I think I’ve forgotten a few times, so thanks for keeping me in line. 🙂

      We stopped meeting near the end of the semester because of all the work that piles up, and I’ll got through and update as much as I can as soon as my own finals are over, which will be just before Christmas.

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